Event Schedule

The events of the Giro De Shonai are spread across two separate days on September 7th and September 8th. This includes mandatory event check in for participants in the long course and the kick off party the night before.

Please review the below schedule below carefully.

UPDATE: Participants will be mailed an event packed to their registered addresses. Please be on the look out for this envelope.

Also there is an event PDF available here. (Japanese only)

September 7th

There will be two main events happening the day before the event on September 7th. The first of which is mandatory event check in for those participating in the long course. This is due to the early start time of the long course, there wont be enough time to check in participants on the day of the event.

The second is the event kick off party which will include dinner, drinks, and the chance to meet the hundreds of other participants participating in this event.

This party is optional and has an extra 3,000 yen entrance fee. This will take place in the Tokyo Daiichi Hotel next to Tsuruoka Station. (Note that its name may include Tokyo but it is located in Tsuruoka City)

Once again. For participants taking part in the Long Course checking into the event on September 7th is mandatory.

2:00pm Competition check in starts

4:00pm Event Rules and Safety Briefing

5:00pm Competition Kickoff Party (Entry fee 3,000 yen)

Event Location: The Tokyo Daiichi Hotel Tsuruoka as shown in the map below.

This is also a recommended place to stay, see their website here.

September 8th

The day of the event!

Participants in the Middle Course and Short Course will be able to check in starting at 5:30am.

The event check in and starting/finish point will be at Shonai Mikawa Roadside Station. You will be riding with designated groups during this event and will be stopping at various checkpoints along the course where you will be able to enjoy small dishes that feature the regional specialties of the many small towns that you will be riding through. Each group will have a group leader who will be leading the group so do not worry about getting lost or being left behind.

You may find the location for the event in the google map below. Here is the direct address as well.

〒997-1301 Yamagata, Higashitagawa District, Mikawa, Yokoyama, 字 堤172−1

Once again, please note that Long Course participants must check in on September 7th.

For check in, please have an ID with your name ready to show the event organizers.

5:00am: Opening Ceremony/Morning Check In Starts

6:00am: Start Time For The Long Course(210km)

7:30am: Start of the Middle Course (130km)

9:00am: Start of the Short Course (70km)

7:00pm: Event Finish Time

Event Location: Roadside Station Shonai-Mikawa as shown in the map below.