Event Schedule

September 7th to September 8th

September 7th

It is highly recommended that all participants arrive in Shonai at least one day before this event. There will be an opening event party as is customary for sports events in Japan where you will be able to enjoy dinner and drinks with your fellow cyclists in The Tokyo Daiichi Hotel next to Tsuruoka Station.

For participants taking part in the Long Course checking into the event on September 7th is mandatory. There will not be time to check in participants before the 6:00am start time on the event day.

2:00pm Competition Check In

4:00pm Event Rules and Safety Briefing

5:00pm Competition Kickoff Party (Entry fee 3,000 yen)

Event Location: The Tokyo Daiichi Hotel Tsuruoka as shown in the map below.

September 8th

The day of the event! Participants in the Middle Course and Short Course will be able to check in starting at 5:30am. Once again, please note that Long Course participants must check in on September 7th.

5:30am: Opening Ceremony/Morning Check In

6:00am: Start Time For The Long Course(210km)

7:30am: Start of the Middle Course (130km)

9:00am: Start of the Short Course (70km)

7:00pm: Event Finish Time

Event Location: Roadside Station Shonai-Mikawa as shown in the map below.