The Giro De Shonai

September 13th, 2020

The Giro De Shonai consists of three different courses for cyclists of various levels. All courses take riders through the beautiful region of Shonai while the longer courses offer the chance to explore Shonai in its entirety.

Long Course

A 220km adventure across the entirety of the Shonai Region.

Medium Course

A 130km course that offers a perfect middle ground.

Short Course

A short 70km course perfect for riders of all levels.

The Giro De Shonai is not a race, rather, it is a large touring event where you can cycle across this region with cyclists of similar levels and take in the beauty of one of Japan’s premier cycling locations. There are dozens of pitstops across this course where cyclists will stop and enjoy some of the famous foods of the cities and towns you visit.

A. Long Course

An epic 220km ride that will take participants through the wide open rice fields, over the mountains, and along the beautiful coastline of the Shonai Region. This course brings together the favorite cycling routes of the cyclists in Shonai and presents it in one amazing touring ride in the Giro De Shonai.

Length: 220km

Start Time: 6:00am

Difficulty: Advanced

Approximate Time: 11 Hours

Entry Fee: 12,000 yen

Max Participants: 450 people

See below for reservations

Course Map (Japanese)

B. Medium Course

A perfect medium between the physical demands of the long course and relaxation of the short course. This medium distance course offers a full day of blissful riding through Shonai at a level that is accessible for cyclists of all levels.

Length: 130km

Start Time: 7:30am

Difficulty: Intermediate

Approximate Time: 8 hours

Entry Fee: 10,000 yen

Max Participants: 400 people

See below for reservations

Course Map (Japanese)

C. Short Course

A short course for all people regardless if they are cyclists or not. This course is flat route that focuses on some of the most people highlights of this event.

If you can ride a bike, you can take part in the Giro De Shonai!

Length: 70km

Start Time: 9:00am

Difficulty: Beginner

Approximate Time: 3-4 hours

Entry Fee: 8,000 yen

Max Participants: 150 people

See below for reservations.

Course Map (Japanese)

Advanced Registration

We are now accepting advance reservations for the 2020 Giro De Shonai on September 13th.

This means that we will be collecting your name and event info and will email you to begin officially registering you as soon as the registration starts on May 12th.

Please fill out the form below to make your advance reservation.

Please make separate reservations for each applicant.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Advance Reservations

Rules and Regulations

【Participant Requirements】

1) All participants must be in good health.

2) Participants under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult or adult participant who also must apply.

3) Participants under 13 years of age may only participate in the Short Course (70km).

4) Participants with special needs of disabilities should consult with race organizers and prepare a companion who can assist said participants during the event.

5) All minors require parental consent.

【Equipment and Tools】

1) A well-maintained bicycle with brakes on both the front and rear wheels is required.

2) There will be no bicycle inspections for this event. Be sure to have your bike inspected by a professional prior to this event.

3) Helmets and cycling gloves are required.

4) Please bring equipment to deal with punctures and other mechanical issues (air pump, spare tube, patch kit, etc)

5) Electric assist bicycles may be used, however they must be sport bicycles. We will not take responsibility for an risk or failures from electronic power bicycles.

6) Recumbent and hand powered bicycles are not allowed. Tandem bicycles are allowed.

【Cautionary Notes】

1) We will not be providing support equipment such as spare wheels or spare bikes.

2) If your bike can no longer function, you may be forced to withdraw from the event. Please make sure your bike is in good working order.

3) The road stations may run out of supplies, please bring spare money to ensure that you can buy drinks and water.

4) Please bring a mobile phone in the case of an emergency or getting lost.

【Participants Pledge】

・Participants recognize the importance for properly maintained gear to help reduce the risk of accidents.

・Participants recognize the inherent risk of cycling events and will not hold other participants or the organizers responsible for accents during the event.

・Participants will bring equipment and provisions to deal with equipment issues and personal health during the event.

・Participants will be solely responsible for their own belongings during the event.

・Participants will not enter any false any information in their applications.

・Participants will comply with all event rules.

・Photos and video may be taken at this event and may be used in media and on websites (we will not post your personal information). Participants agree to the use of these photos taken at this event by the organizers.

・Participants agree to the refund policy dictated below.

・When a minor participates, the parents of said minor also recognize and agree to the above pledges.

【Refund Policy】

・Refunds cannot be issued once the payment is completed after entry. Please carefully consider your participation prior to this.

・If the organizer has canceled this event due to weather, natural disasters, social conditions, or other incidents, participation fees will not be refunded. (This applies to matters occurring before or after the event schedule has been set or before or during the event.