Access to the Shonai Region and Giro De Shonai

Getting to Shonai

The Shonai Region is accessible via train, plane, car, or bus. Bringing your bike here with you is possible via each transportation option.

Please note that certain transportation options may require advanced booking. See below for detailed information on the costs and requirements.

The Giro De Shonai

The start and finish location for all courses of the Giro De Shonai will be at the Mikawa Road Station as marked in the Google Map.

Here is the physical address.

〒997-1301 Yamagata, Higashitagawa District, Mikawa, Yokoyama, 字堤172−1

The Japanese name for this road station is “道の駅 庄内みかわ いろり火の里”


You bikes must be partially disassembled into bike bags for any public transportation option.

Plan Ahead

Be sure to book your plane or bus tickets as soon as possible as they may become fully booked.

Spend the Night

Due to the very early start of the event, it is important to arrive at least on the night before the event.

Access By Train

The Shonai Region can easily be reached with the JR Pass from Tokyo Station.

This route is bike friendly for those carrying their bikes (in a bike bag).

This route involves taking two trains. The first is the Joetsu Shinkansen (The Joestsu Bullet Train) from Tokyo Station to Niigata Station. Here you will make a short transfer to the Inaho Express Train and ride straight to the Shonai Region.

You may stop at Tsuruoka Station, Amarume Station, or Sakata Station depending on whichever is closest to your lodging.

Access By Plane

The fastest option to the Shonai Region is via plane. The flight takes approximately 55 minutes.

This flight flies from Haneda Airport (Tokyo) to Shonai Airport (SYO).

The tickets greatly vary in price depending on how far you book ahead.

Access By Bus

There are a number of night bus options to Shonai from various cities across Japan. This includes Tokyo, Sendai, and Osaka.

Here is a link to the largest operator of buses to and from Shonai.

Access By Car

Northern Japan has a large network of toll roads that make it relatively easy to drive here by car from the major cities. This is a strong option for riders coming in a group. Single competitors may however find it to be both easier and cheaper to use one of the above public transportation options.