The Shonai Region

The Pristine nature and culture of the deep Japanese Countryside.

Tucked away by vast mountain ranges along the Sea of Japan, the Shonai Region is a true hidden gem that lies far off the beaten path.


With vast open plains, mountains covered in rich forests, and endless miles of pristine coastline, this region is a major destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Its rural setting and friendly people only add to what is one of the most enjoyable and beautiful regions to cycle in this country.

The Giro De Shonai was started by the cycling community of Shonai to help revitalize this rural region and share our beautiful roads with cyclists across Japan and abroad.

Shonai Cycling

The scenic roads of Shonai have very little traffic and very considerate drivers which makes this region incredibly cycling friendly.


Some of the sights you will see on your ride through Shonai during the Giro De Shonai.

Derek Yamashita

I moved to the Shonai Region immediately after graduating from UCSB and immediately fell in love with the roads of Shonai and the great cycling community of this area. I love how I can ride through dense cedar forests, over high mountains, and along the coastline all within a short 1 hour ride from my apartment door.