Giro De Shonai

With wide open plains, rolling mountains covered in rich forests, and endless miles of beautiful coastline, the Shonai Region is a hidden gem for cyclists to explore.

「Giro De Shonai 2021」September 12th

Entry: May 15th to Aug15th

Application Requirements

【Event Courses】
A Course 210km
B Course 140km
C Course 75km

1) Participants are expected to be generally in good health at the time of the event.
2) Participants must be at least 6 years of age.
3) Riders between the ages of 6 and 13 however may only participate in the 75km course. Participants under the age of 15 are limited to participating in the 140km course and below.
4) For participants of the disabled community that require the accompaniment of a companion or special assistance, please make the necessary arrangements for a companion ahead of time as no companions will be provided by this event at this time.
5) All minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

【Equipment and Personal Belongings】
1) Participants are expected to have a well-maintained bicycle with properly working front and back brakes.
2) Service inspection of bicycles will not be provided at the time of the event. Please make all necessary maintenance and tune-up inspections prior to the event at a professional shop or service center.
3) Helmet and bike gloves must be worn at all times during the event.
4) In the event of a flat tire or other such technical difficulties, please carry along the proper items such as a spare tire, portable air pump, and a service tool.
5) Out of concern for general safety during the event, the usage of electric-powered bicycles or E-bikes will be limited to road bikes that use motor features strictly in the capacity of a pedal assist. Participants however choosing to use cycles with electric capabilities will be held responsible for their bike during the event, even in the event of maintenance or power failure.
6)Recumbent style or handcycle style bikes will not be allowed at this event.
7)Tandem style bikes however will be permitted at the event.

1) Replacement tires and other spare parts for maintenance will not be provided at the event.
2) If you encounter equipment failure during the course, you may have no other choice but to retire from the event and so please prepare spare equipment beforehand accordingly.
3) While aid stations are positioned accordingly throughout the course, replenishments at times may not be sufficient to individual riders’ needs and as such, participants should bring additional drinks/snacks as expected necessary. Cash should also be brought along in the event that one wishes to make any additional purchases during the event.
4) In the event of an emergency or becoming lost, it is also highly recommended that riders bring along a cell phone device.

・Riders will take the necessary measures and precautions to try to avoid accidents due to equipment troubles by attending the event with properly maintained bicycles and equipment.
・Recognizing that high safety awareness is essential, event organizers, officials, or other participants are not to be held responsible for accidents during the event.
・Bringing the proper self-recovery equipment such as spare tires or air pumps is the full responsibility of the participant as none will be provided during the event.
・Participants are expected to be in a condition of good health during the event, and event organizers, related parties, or other participants can not be held responsible for any injuries or illnesses that may occur during the event.
・Participants are held responsible for any and all personal items during the event. Event organizers are not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen items.
・At the time of the application, all information such as age, gender, and any other entries are correct to the best of the participant’s knowledge. (Note: it is asked that participants enter using their full legal name for event insurance purposes).
・Participants are expected to comply with all event rules and safety measures.
・Please note that participants’ names and photos taken during the tournament may be posted on the tournament website, newspapers, and magazines for event promotion purposes. (Note: Other personal information will not be publicly shared)
・By completing registration, all participants agree to the refund policy set by the event
・Photos of this event may also be used on the websites, advertisements, etc. of other events approved by the organizer.
・In the event of the participation of minors under the age of 18, parents or legal guardians shall additionally read, understand and agree to the pledge above.

【Weather induced course change and cancelation】
・Depending on strong winds, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures, courses are subject to change to accommodate participant safety.
・On the day of the event if temperatures exceed above 35 degrees Celsius, the courses may be modified or shortened to prevent heatstroke.
・If the weather is deemed unsafe during the event, course modifications may take place mid-event.
・Even in the event of a course modification, there will be no refund of the difference of the participation fee.

[Refund Policy]
・ When applying, no refund will be given if payment is completed after entry. Please consider your participation carefully before completing the payment.
・ If the organizer cancels or changes elements of the event due to weather, natural disasters, societal conditions, incidents, accidents*, etc., the participation fee and other event-related fees will not be refunded. (*It is regardless as to if these event-limiting factors occur before, after, or during the event)

[About changing/cancelation of the event due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic]
In order to prevent crowding, the event will be held in a stamp rally format.
Please refer to the link below.

* As soon as the content is decided, a link will be added to the above content

Event Rules

A. General event expectations
1) Road traffic will not be diverted or regulated to accommodate for this event and so all cyclists are expected to comply with all rules and regulations of traffic safety.
2) While riding in the course, participants should aim for the individual aid stations along the route denoted by the symbols (AS).
3) The event guide map will be posted on the event website.
4) Additionally, there is a set time limit of operation at each aid station. If it is determined that you cannot reach the subsequent aid station within the set time limit, you will be retired from the event.

Vehicles that can participate
1) Road bike
2) Cross/hybrid bike
3) Small wheel bike
4) MTB
5) Tandem car
6) Gravel bike/cyclocross bike
7) e-bike (Electric pedal assist is acceptable however electric motor-operated bikies are not)
* Recumbent bikes and handcycles are prohibited. Please contact us to further inquire about other models.

C. Riding rules
1) Thoroughly comply with all traffic regulations.
2) Do not stray off of the designated course route.
3) At each aid station (denoted as AS), receive a pass check stamp to complete the stamp rally. In the event that a stamp is not completed from each station, even if the final goal is reached, it will not be treated as a complete run.
4) It is prohibited to overtake a car on a downhill.
5) Slipstreaming with other riders is prohibited.
6) It is prohibited to obstruct the flow of general traffic. (Example: supporting a participant by driving alongside them in a car)
7) At times when the traffic is light, it is easy to feel relaxed however please always be aware of sudden oncoming vehicles and potential blind spots.
8) Riding in rows of three or more bicycles alongside one another is prohibited as it may obstruct traffic.

D. Upon starting
1) Consider traffic conditions on the course and space yourself accordingly to prevent crashing into other riders during the event.
2) The reception point will be the final confirmation of your intention to start on the day of the event. Riders who decide to withdraw from the event after the initial start of the course must inform the reception of their decision.
3) If prior to the event, you are feeling unwell or fatigued, please prioritize your health and the safety of everyone around you and consider withdrawing from the event.

E. Self-check
1) Please check your tire pressure before the start of the event. If the tire pressure is insufficient or overinflated, the risk of punctures will increase dramatically and may hinder your ability to participate in the event.
2) Always keep track of your physical condition while riding. If you feel a sudden or gradual decrease in your cognitive ability during the event, it is best to stop and reevaluate if it is best to continue or not. If you force yourself to match a pace that is not realistically sustainable in the long run, you may fall ill or get injured and become unable to continue.

F. Emergency procedure
1) In the event of a traffic accident:
A. Be sure to call the police and handle the accident accordingly.
B. Additionally please immediately report the incident to the staff.
2) For minor injuries caused by falling, cars, etc., first aid can be received at the first aid station, but the subsequent treatment is the responsibility of the participant themself.
3) If you find a rider that has fallen, please stop and assess as to if the rider is able to continue or not or requires additional assistance.
4) If you hit your head when you fall off, do not force yourself to restart and please call the staff for assistance.

G. Equipment trouble
1) Spare tires or equipment are not provided by the event.
2) Participants should carry portable pumps, spare tubes, puncture repair tools, etc., and the participants are expected to be able to perform basic road maintenance all on their own in case of emergency.
*Tip: Master the skill of flat tire repair! It’s essential as a cyclist!
3) If the cycle becomes significantly damaged, it will be treated as retirement from the event, so please make sure your cycle is in good condition leading up to the event.

H. Retirement from the event
1) If you cannot pass the aid station checkpoints within the time limit allotted, or if it is judged that your physical or mental condition is impaired to the extent that you are at high risk of injury or danger, you may be asked to retire from the event.
2) Retired participants should follow the staff’s instructions thereafter.

I. Punitive course of action
1) Participants who do not follow the rules or the instructions of the staff, or participants who are significantly lacking in safety awareness will be removed from the event at the discretion of the staff.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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